Atton Ordo

Human Smuggler Scoundrel/Force Sensitive


Home world: Fondor
Born: 28 BBY
Occupation: Smuggler
Specialization: Scoundrel
Obligation: Criminal – 10
Duty: Resource Acquisition – 5
Morality: Curiosity / Obsession – 50
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.9 meters
Mass: 92.5 kilograms
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair

  • Hutt Cartel (not currently a member)
  • Crew of The Shrieking Dathomirian
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Has scars from implant armor surgery that gives boost to coercion checks.
  • Will often shoot first and ask questions later (especially when dealing with the Empire).
  • Prefers action to planning.
  • Seems to have uncanny luck when in stressful/difficult situations.
  • Relationship – Former Nemesis
  • Ambition – Religion / Spirituality

Origin Of The Name
Atton Ordo was not given that name at birth. He took up the name as he began to work his way up within Teemo’s underworld organization. He decided to take on the mantel after learning about the the mercenary, turned hero of The Sith War almost 4000 years ago, from a holovid as a child. He felt confident that no living relative, if any, would be capable of challenging his claim as a descendant of Canderous Ordo.

Working For Teemo
Atton had earned a decent wage working for the Hutt Cartel. One job for Teemo led Atton to cross paths with a white haired crime lord from Anaxes. Tyber Zann had paid Atton to deliver a shipment to Teemo. Unknown to Ordo, the shipment was an attempt to kill Atton’s boss. The cargo was enough Baradium to vaporize the audience chamber of the Hutt’s palace in Mos Shutta. Teemo discovered Zann’s plan and had the explosive delivered to an Imperial warehouse. Atton, having been brought before Teemo, watched as the explosion destroyed Imperial supplies. Within moments, Imperial holovids broadcasting the identification of a Rebel terrorist were released across the comm channels. Teemo warned Atton that if the Empire didn’t kill him that he would.

Atton managed to escape the palace with a little skill and a lot of luck. While waiting for an opportunity to get off world, he met up with some other contacts who had fallen on the wrong side of the Hutt. Atton is now running for his life, with the help of his newly found allies, and attempting to gain revenge against Tyber Zann.

On The Run
Atton and his allies took cover, in a cantina on Mos Shutta, while being pursued by some of Teemo’s Gamorrean thugs. After defeating the crime lord’s minions, the group began the process of acquiring a ship and escaping from Mos Shutta. The group discovered that a slaver, named Trex, was docked here with a malfunctioning hyper matter reactor igniter. The group proceeded to acquire a new igniter from a local junk dealer, led an assault on the spaceport control facility and narrowly escaped capture by Imperial Stormtroopers. Atton distracted security droids at the spaceport so that the rest of the group could sneak on board The Krayt Fang. After helping defeat the security droids and Trex, the group repaired the ship and made it out of Tattooine’s atmosphere.


Atton piloted the ship against four Imperial TIE Fighters, that attacked the Krayt Fang just outside Tattooine’s upper atmosphere. As soon as the last enemy starship was destroyed, the Krayt Fang shot into hyperspace with a jolt.